Palm is back - but not with a smartphone

Palm is back - but not with a smartphone

No one has heard from Palm in years. The once legendary cell phone manufacturer, to whom we owe iconic designs such as the Palm Pre or the webOS operating system, is surprisingly back. Not with a smartphone, but with the Palm Buds Pro - and they're not that bad.

Palm Buds Pro: Wireless headphones with ANC at an attractive price

Anyone who has not had a smartphone for a few years will surely remember the Palm. Like Nokia and Motorola, this company was world-famous for its keypad phones and its focus on business customers - until the iPhone came along. Then put everything together and Palm couldn't get up. The brand has been sold and is no longer what it used to be. It was similar for Nokia and Motorola. That's why it's not bad at all if you want to score points with a new product .

Believe it or not, the wireless headphones market is worth billions. Everyone wants to be active there and have a piece of the cake. HTC first announced ANC headphones today, and now Palm is following out of nowhere. The Palm Buds Pro are really nice headphones with a special shape that support active noise cancellation. With the ANC active, the headphones last 4.5 hours , without it it is at least 5.5 hours. A maximum runtime of 24 hours is possible via the charging case, because it has a built-in battery that can be used for multiple charging. Are also protected against splash water with IPX4.

In terms of price, the Palm Buds Pro are relatively attractively priced at 99 US dollars if you pre-order (check out Palm). Later the price rises to $ 129. So far, however, it is not possible to order the headphones from Germany.

You can take a closer look at the Palm Buds Pro in the video :

Palm Buds Pro just a no-name product?

An interesting discovery has been made at TheVerge. The Palm Buds Pro should be a no-name product. At Amazon you can find headphones from China with exactly the same design but without the Palm logo for 40 US dollars. Technically, the Palm Buds Pro should differ significantly.


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