Oppo smartphone: the schedule for ColorOS 12 with Android 12 is available

Oppo smartphone: the schedule for ColorOS 12 with Android 12 is available

Google has completed Android 12 and that means for all other smartphone manufacturers that customers expect Android updates from now on. The Chinese manufacturer Oppo has therefore published its schedule and revealed what will change for the better with Android 12 and ColorOS 12.

Oppo has heavily optimized ColorOS 12

Oppo and OnePlus recently announced that OnePlus will be integrated into Oppo, giving both companies an advantage. Oppo, for example, should learn a lot from OnePlus' OxygenOS software and thus offer a better user experience. With ColorOS 12 based on Android 12, this could already have been incorporated. The heavily revised user interface has been massively optimized .

The following video shows the improvements to the design of ColorOS 12:

ColorOS 12 from Oppo should be visually upgraded significantly. The operating system is more intuitive to use and runs faster. This is said to have succeeded in particular through the optimization of animations and the removal of lags. Even after three years, the smartphone should feel almost like it did on the first day. Oppo specifies the aging rate for the period as only 2.75 percent . At the same time, 30 percent less storage space is used and battery consumption is reduced by 20 percent. It remains to be seen whether the software inconsistency that we criticized when testing the Oppo Find X3 Pro will be resolved.

Oppo names update schedule for ColorOS 12

The beta version of Android 12 for the Oppo Find X3 Pro is already starting today in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. In the coming months the schedule will look like this:

Oppo has great ambitions and wants to bring ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 to 110 devices and thus make it accessible to over 150 million users. In Europe, however, you will have to be patient a little longer. It starts here in December at the earliest. Some smartphones will only be supplied in the second half of 2022. Then Android 13 is already around the corner. So there are updates, just not as fast as you would like them to be. At least with the high-end model, you're on a par with the competition.


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