OnePlus: You can try Android 12 now - that s new

OnePlus: You can try Android 12 now - that s new

OnePlus has released a first beta version of Oxygen OS. The software is based on Android 12 and includes new functions as well as revised software. In addition to the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, 10 other OnePlus smartphones will also receive the update.

Based on Android 12: OnePlus releases Open Beta of Oxygen OS 12

After Google officially completed Android 12, the Android manufacturers are now getting to work to adapt and roll out the new software for their smartphones. This also includes OnePlus: For the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, an open beta of Oxygen OS 12 has now been released , which is based on the latest Android version.

Oxygen OS 12, according to OnePlus in a press release, is said to have been optimized in three ways: work, rest and play. The Chinese manufacturer wants to create a "stress-free space to relax".

Oxygen OS 12 with new user interface and functions

The most noticeable innovation is likely to be the revised user interface , which OnePlus calls "Burdenless Design". Among other things, light changes and clear hierarchies should increase readability and user-friendliness, and unnecessary distractions should be minimized. The typography has also been simplified so that users can "easily understand the most important messages". Redesigned system icons are also part of the update.

Aside from the refreshed user interface , Oxygen OS 12 also offers new functions . For example, the shelf has been revised, which can be equipped with feature cards in various sizes and background images. A new step counter card is also included.

There are now formatting tools in the notes, the dark mode can be set to three levels and there are new brush colors for the canvas function on the always-on display. Gamers are happy about the revamped Toolbox 2.0, with which their own voice can be changed in the game. According to OnePlus, data security has also increased.

We show more features from Android 12 in the video :

These OnePlus smartphones get Oxygen OS 12

The Open Beta of Oxygen OS 12 is now available for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. In addition, the following OnePlus smartphones should receive the update:

OnePlus 9R 5G OnePlus 8 OnePlus 8 Pro OnePlus 8T OnePlus 7 One Plus 7 Pro OnePlus 7T Pro OnePlus Nord 2 5G One Plus Nord One Plus Nord CE 5G

Do you already have Oxygen OS 12 on your OnePlus smartphone? Let us know in the comments how the update goes and if there are any bugs or errors.


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