OnePlus on Black Friday 2021: Up to 200 euros discount - now live

OnePlus on Black Friday 2021: Up to 200 euros discount - now live

OnePlus is lowering prices: The Chinese manufacturer has announced a large discount campaign for Black Friday 2021. In addition to smartphones, smartwatches, in-ear headphones and accessories are also cheaper. Buyers can save up to 200 euros. The campaign has now started.

Update, October 29th, 2021: The campaign is now live. There are currently offers to "warm up", the best prices mentioned in the article will only be available from November 19th. Some offers, such as a reduced OnePlus 9 Pro, are already sold out. The best thing to do is to check for yourself what is currently still available: to the OnePlus shop.

Original article:

Black Friday is traditionally the shopping event of the year and offers many discounts. Black Friday won't officially start until the end of November, but OnePlus will already be reducing prices in its own online shop significantly from October 29, 2021 .

OnePlus is reducing smartphones and accessories on Black Friday 2021

OnePlus promises the best prices the company has offered so far in 2021 . For example, there should be a discount of "up to 200 euros" on the OnePlus 9 Pro, according to the announcement of the press release. There is also a discount of up to 200 euros for the OnePlus 8T.

On the other hand, buyers of the OnePlus 9 have to be content with a smaller discount. The smartphone is to be reduced by up to 150 euros, while the popular mid-range smartphone OnePlus Nord from 2020 goes over the virtual counter with a discount of 130 euros.

All discount promotions from OnePlus smartphones at a glance:

OnePlus 9 Pro: Up to 200 euros discount OnePlus 8T: Up to 200 euros discount OnePlus 9: Up to 150 euros discount OnePlus Nord (2020): 130 euros discount OnePlus Nord 2 5G (12 GB RAM + 256 GB storage): up to 50 euros discount OnePlus Nord CE 5G: Up to 50 euros discount

We show what makes the OnePlus 9 Pro so special in the video :

Smartwatches, in-ear headphones and accessories are also cheaper

On Black Friday 2021, OnePlus is not only using the red pencil on smartphones. If you are looking for smartwatches, in-ear headphones or accessories from OnePlus, you can also save . The OnePlus Buds Pro with ANC, for example, are said to be up to 10 euros cheaper, while the OnePlus Watch is discounted by up to 20 euros. Accessories such as OnePlus backpacks, belt pouches, screen protectors and more will also be reduced in price.


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