On Amazon: iPhone 13 flies out of the top 10 - for good reason

On Amazon: iPhone 13 flies out of the top 10 - for good reason

Shortly after the market launch, the iPhone 13 and its brothers still dominated the top 10 best-selling smartphones on Amazon. Currently, however, it can no longer be found there. Why did the Apple cell phone have to make room? There's a good and understandable reason for that.

Crash on Amazon: iPhone 13 no longer in the top 10

At the start of sales, the iPhone 13 hit like a bomb and also fought its way into the top 10 smartphone bestsellers on Amazon. A completely different picture emerges for the current inventory (source: Amazon).

At the time of the research, we found the iPhone 13 on Amazon only in 20th place , the iPhone 13 mini in 11th place - just past the top 10. It looks a bit better for the iPhone 13 Pro, which we find in 7th place, for the Max it is only enough for 16th position, on the other hand, the ranking is now led by two Samsung phones - Galaxy M32 and Galaxy A52 5G. Somewhat surprising: With the iPhone 12 mini, an Apple cell phone that was once not particularly popular is in third place (note: snapshots, positions may vary).

The different versions of the iPhone 13 in the video :

The reason: Apple cannot deliver

But why is the iPhone 13 performing so badly? Nobody wants the new Apple smartphone? The opposite is the case. The demand is so great that Apple cannot keep up with production and, according to reports, had to cut production due to the global chip crisis. Means: extremely long delivery times. This also applies to Amazon. For quite a few model variants, the dealer has to proclaim delivery times of up to two months, in some cases no date is even given. The dealer can only deliver in isolated cases.

The situation is also keeping prices high . As before, Amazon sells at the Apple RRP, savings are currently not possible. In short: Amazon usually cannot deliver at short notice and if so, then only without a price discount. So it's no wonder that the iPhone 13 is no longer in the top 10.

Due to the global chip crisis, this is unlikely to improve in the short term. Industry experts expect such difficulties until next year . So if you are planning to buy an iPhone 13 for Christmas, you should order early. Otherwise the waiting times could spoil the mess.


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