Official Black Shark JoyBuds: The new TWS headphones

With the recent arrival of the Black Shark 4S and 4S Pro , the TWS headphones have also arrived: Black Shark JoyBuds, with eye-catching features, an incredible design and a quite attractive price.

black shark joybuds tws auriculares para juegos precio salida 2

Features of the Black Shark JoyBuds headphones

The new headphones launched by Xiaomi's partner brand come in two different colors, black and white . Regarding its design, it has a semi-in-ear shape.

Likewise, they have a full link with ultra-low latency at 85 ms , so there will be no delay in the audio (for example, when playing games, watching movies, listening to music, etc.).

As it is semi-in-ear, have anch or 14.2 mm, which makes it possible wider dynamic controllers are used.


But that's not all, since other of its main characteristics is that it has a dual system that reduces ambient noise (also known as ENC) , quite useful when talking on the phone.

While, what we consider as a real novelty, is the pop-up animation with Joy UI, as well as the compatibility with the one that has the Sharky Jam Q , the brand's latest voice assistant.

Black Shark JoyBuds What is known about its price and release date?

black shark joybuds 01

Black Shark presented these new TWS headphones a few days ago in China, with a launch price of 299 yuan, which at the exchange rate is € 40 , something fair given the characteristics and news of the product.

It is not yet known if they will reach Europe , but based on other launches of the brand it is quite likely that it will do so in a while. We will update this article when they can be purchased.
At the moment we can buy directly from Amazon, with a coupon of € 10 discount the wireless headphones that Black Shark already launched a while ago!

Black Shark Wireless Headphones with 55 ms Ultra-Low Latency, Bluetooth Gaming Headphones with Bluetooth 5.2, Dual Mode, 10 mm Drivers, Wear Time 35 h, IPX4 Waterproof, 4 Mic
Black Shark Wireless Headphones with 55 ms Ultra-Low Latency, Bluetooth Gaming Headphones with Bluetooth 5.2, Dual Mode, 10 mm Drivers, Wear Time 35 h, IPX4 Waterproof, 4 Mic
  • 55ms Ultra Low Latency: Activate Game mode to improve wireless performance. Fully synchronize audio and video so you can quickly locate and react to any situation in competitive play
  • Expertly Tuned Audio: Activate Music mode to enjoy immersive sound with deeper bass and high-frequency detail on the extra-large 10mm membranes
  • Bluetooth 5.2 technology: Provides uninterrupted connection between your device and the Lucifer T1 wireless headphones, even in crowded spaces
  • 35 Hours of Use Time: One charge gives you 3.5 hours of use, while the charging case gives up to 35 hours of battery life
  • Package Contains: Black Shark Lucifer T1 Bluetooth gaming headset with charging case, S / M / L ear pads, USB-C charging cable, user manual and warranty card


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