Not Sony or Microsoft: this company is the real gaming croesus

Not Sony or Microsoft: this company is the real gaming croesus

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are widely recognized as the industry giants when it comes to gaming. However, Apple of all people has been able to take the lead when it comes to revenue from video games. Apple is now even supposed to earn more than all of the competition.

Apple: Massive sales of gaming apps

Apple doesn't have its own game console in its portfolio, but it can still pocket the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X providers. As it turned out during the legal proceedings between Epic and Apple, the iPhone group was able to achieve an operating profit of 8.5 billion US dollars in the gaming sector in 2019 alone. That translates to a little more than 7.3 billion euros.

According to a new analysis, Apple's profit is higher than the entire competition from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (source: Wall Street Journal). Apple is said to have made a total of 1.71 billion euros more in profit in 2019 than the companies that offer their own gaming hardware.

In the video : How the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 compare.

Apple itself does not need a game console for its billion-dollar profit, because apps alone are great ways to make money. Almost 80 percent of all revenue in the app store is to be generated through gaming content. Apple earns 30 percent on every app sold and in-app purchases. The lucrative business model is now on the brink, because Apple is being forced to open up at least the payment methods for apps.

Apple contradicts: costs are not taken into account

Apple has also commented on the investigation of the Wall Street Journal itself and at least partially contradicted it . The profit is actually lower because not all costs have been taken into account, says the group. That Apple is still a real great power in gaming should be clear by now at the latest.


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