Not Samsung or Xiaomi: The most powerful Android smartphone is a surprise

Not Samsung or Xiaomi: The most powerful Android smartphone is a surprise

There is a new winner in the race for the crown of achievement in the Android world. But anyone who thinks of a smartphone from Samsung or Xiaomi is mistaken. The strongest Android smartphone comes from a manufacturer that very few people have on their radar.

Real cucumbers can no longer be found among current top smartphones from the Android sector anyway - it doesn't matter whether they come from Xiaomi, Samsung or another manufacturer. But which Android smartphone is the most powerful? The Geekbench benchmark has now delivered a surprising result .

Surface Duo 2 is the most powerful Android smartphone

In first place is the new Surface Duo 2 from Microsoft (source: Geekbench). Very few people would have expected this smartphone. In the single-core test, the Microsoft mobile phone scored 1,051 points, almost 100 points more than the second-placed Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 works with a clock rate of 1.8 GHz in both test devices.

It is not known why the Surface Duo 2 still beats the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. Microsoft may have adapted the software better to the hardware or it is due to the higher refresh rate of 120 Hz that the SoC in the Samsung smartphone has to fuel. The Surface Duo only has a 90 Hz display.

When comparing the multi-core performance, the Surface Duo 2 is right at the front with 3317 points in the Geekbench. The silver medal goes to the Asus ROG Phone 3 with 3,235 points, followed by the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro with 3,219 points.

What makes the Surface Duo so special? In the video we show it:

Surface Duo 2 fails in testers

First place in Geekbench should be balm for Microsoft's soul, because the Surface Duo 2 did not cut a good figure in the first test reports. Compared to its predecessor, steps in the right direction were praised, but Microsoft's innovative mobile phone with double display is still suffering from inconsistent and buggy software.


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