Not just for the iPhone 13: Apple update is a must for users

Not just for the iPhone 13: Apple update is a must for users

Users of a new iPhone 13 in one of the two Pro versions have so far had to forego a promised feature. Now Apple is finally making improvements with iOS 15.1. But other iPhones and iPads also benefit from the free system update.

Update from October 26, 2021: iOS 15.1 and iPad OS 15.1 have been available for free download for a few hours. Apple is releasing the update at the same time as macOS Monterey, as we previously suspected.

With the update, users of an iPhone 13 Pro receive the ProRes support promised by Apple and from now on also have more control over the built-in macro function of the camera. From then on, all users will receive numerous new features, some of which were already promised for the original release of iOS 15. SharePlay is one example. The download is available directly within the software update of the iPhone and iPad and is recommended for every user - a real must for security reasons alone.

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At the presentation of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max), Apple promised to support the ProRes format for the new smartphone . Professional videographers who already know the format were enthusiastic, but were put off by Apple. The support is currently not yet integrated, a later update should fix this fact.

iOS 15.1: iPhone 13 Pro finally gets ProRes support

With the release of the third preview version of the update to iOS 15.1 (Beta 3) that Apple is working on, Apple is fulfilling its promise . A corresponding switch for activation or deactivation can now be found in the camera settings - sub-item "Formats" (source: MacRumors).

Important to know: If you only have one model of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) with 128 GB of storage, you can record at a maximum of 1080p (30 fps). The information from Apple indicates that in this case up to 1.7 GB of data per minute is generated. If you have more memory, you can also use ProRes with a resolution of 4K, but then you have to calculate with significantly more memory requirements. So far, there has been speculation with up to 6 GB per minute.

With the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple has professional video and photographers in view, as the video for the new mobile phone demonstrates:

Macro function with new control options

Apple is also taking care of an annoying bug in iOS 15.1. So far, the iPhone 13 automatically switches to the ultra-wide-angle camera for macro mode. On the one hand, this leads to an unattractive changeover effect, on the other hand, this step can no longer be reversed directly. A manual "downshift" is prevented. With the upcoming update, users will now have the option to switch off the automatic switchover . Like ProRes, you can do this in the camera settings.

A release date for iOS 15.1 has not yet been announced by Apple. Based on the experience of the last few years, however, we would expect it to be published at the end of October. So a little patience is still required, but iPhone users don't have to wait too long for the improvements.


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