No HarmonyOS: Brand new Huawei phone for Germany with old Android

No HarmonyOS: Brand new Huawei phone for Germany with old Android

After a long time, Huawei is starting again with a smartphone in Germany. Curiously, this brand new phone doesn't run on HarmonyOS, but on an old version of Android. So isn't HarmonyOS for smartphones coming to Germany after all?

Huawei Nova 8i available with Android instead of HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS is the future for Huawei - at least that's what the Chinese company always says. The new operating system has been installed over 120 million times and we actually hoped that the HarmonyOS operating system would also come to us with new smartphones from Huawei. But that doesn't happen. The brand new Huawei Nova 8i actually runs with Android 10 and EMUI 11.0.1 .

Huawei didn't even bother to adapt Android 11 for the new smartphone. Future updates of Android should also no longer be carried out. Older models were also left hanging. At most EMUI should still receive updates. The Google Play Store and Google services are of course not preinstalled in Germany . Huawei then wants to have 349 euros for this (look at MediaMarkt).

The Honor 50 Lite is much more interesting. It is basically a copy of the Huawei Nova 8i, only that the former subsidiary is exempt from the US ban and can access Google services and apps. It will be particularly interesting to see which Android version is preinstalled here. Android 11 would be the minimum, since Android 12 has already been completed by Google. The Honor model should even be 50 euros cheaper.

In the video we show you what HarmonyOS does better than Android:

Is HarmonyOS not coming to Germany at all?

HarmonyOS is already very widespread in China. But if Huawei launches brand new smartphones with old Android in Germany, then you shouldn't expect a release of the new operating system in the foreseeable future. Maybe it will work with HarmonyOS 3.0, which will be presented in a few days.


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