New to WhatsApp: You decide who sees your information

New to WhatsApp: You decide who sees your information

WhatsApp will soon introduce a new function that should provide more security and privacy. In the future, it will be possible to set more individually who is shown the "info" of a user and who is not. After all, not every contact has to be able to see everything at once.

WhatsApp: "Info" no longer visible to everyone

In a beta version of WhatsApp, a new function has appeared that deals with the "About" of users . So far it looks like this is shown either to everyone, only to your own contacts, or to nobody. But that should change shortly, because a completely new option is being added.

In the future, the "Info" can be hidden from contacts you have entered yourself. Any number of exceptions can be entered, which then no longer see the details of the person. A reverse variant, in which only previously selected contacts are given access to the "Info", is not planned, however.

When WhatsApp will activate the small but useful function in the final version of the app has not yet been determined. It is currently only available in beta version of the Android app. The "Info" protection has not yet appeared in the iOS version for iPhones (source: WABetaInfo).

It doesn't always have to be WhatsApp: In the video we present you the best alternatives.

WhatsApp: Security is more in focus

Hiding the "info" from access fits in with other functions that WhatsApp has been planning lately . This includes, for example, the ability to customize the "last online" status. Here you can also define contacts who should no longer have access. This function will also be provided for the profile picture on WhatsApp in the future.


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