New MacBook Pro: Notch causes laughter - Apple reacts

New MacBook Pro: Notch causes laughter - Apple reacts

With its new MacBook Pro, Apple uses a notch. The recess causes irritation - and now also laughter. Symbols and other elements can disappear behind the notch and thus remain hidden. But Apple already has a solution ready.

Update from October 28, 2021: Apple has now published a support document on the subject. This explains how users can ensure that the menu elements of an app are no longer hidden behind the notch on the new MacBook Pro models (source: Apple). To do this, however, a setting must be made for each affected program . A system-wide solution is not in sight.

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Notch with the MacBook Pro: Apple wasn't paying attention

While a recess at the top of the screen has long been standard on iPhones, the new MacBook Pro is a real premiere in the notebook sector. The first videos make it clear that Apple cannot look back on many years of experience. It looks like Apple just has n't done enough thorough work .

"Who designed something like this?" Asks Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs, who has posted a few videos on Twitter about the notch in the MacBook Pro. It quickly becomes clear that the notch is not just a recess that macOS ignores.

Sometimes it happens that menu elements of programs or symbols of the status bar say goodbye behind the notch . Users are faced with a real problem, as simple access to the hidden elements is simply not possible (source: Quinn Nelson).

Nelson also complains that apps with lots of menu items "steal" space from the icons on the status bar . However, this is normal behavior that happens with or without a recess. The worst accusation in this regard is that, given the space the recess takes up, it will now be more common.

In the video you can see the new MacBook Pro with Notch in detail:

Apple: Notch creates more space

According to Apple, the notch on the MacBook Pro ensures that ultimately more space is available. It would be "a smart way" to make the edges of the MacBook Pro thinner. In fact, the edges have shrunk by around a quarter to 3.5 mm.


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