New MacBook Air: Looks good what Apple has in store for 2022

New MacBook Air: Looks good what Apple has in store for 2022

The new MacBook Pro arouses desires, but is not a calculator for bargain hunters. If you still want some of the flair of the new Apple notebook, but can spend less money on it, you will have to be patient until 2022. Then comes the new MacBook Air - the first concept based on current reports is already thrilling.

Most recently, numerous reports and rumors painted a pretty clear picture of the upcoming MacBook Air 2022. Put simply, customers can expect a small version of the new MacBook Pro - much flatter, lighter and probably also cheaper.

MacBook Air: Apple will change everything in 2022

But how should we imagine the new Apple laptop? The following design from the digital pen of Ian Zelbo helps our imagination on the jumps. He is the house and court artist of the well-known Apple insider Jon Prosser (source: Front Page Tech). The new MacBook Air should actually look like this or something similar in the end when Apple introduces it in the middle of next year. A completely new design awaits us, but what does that mean? Let's take a look at ...

... a MacBook Air that lives up to its name. Not only is the case thin, the bezels are also very narrow . You have to ...

... accept a new design element like the notch (display notch) . The MacBook Pro leads the way, the new Air does it. The white edge of the screen should also be debatable. Apple uses black for the Pro, while the current iMac is the source of inspiration for the Air. However ...

... Color comes into play again in the case of the case. The last time there was such a colored Apple notebook was over 20 years ago. The first generation of the iBook was extremely colorful ...

... Apple intends to have a similar effect with the MacBook Air 2022. And there is one more thing in common with the iBook ...

... the new Air shouldn't have too many connections. MagSafe 3 is coming, apart from the jack port there are only two USB-C ports. The implementation in the form of Thunderbolt 4 as in the draft is currently only wishful thinking. According to reports, it remains with USB-C. Anyway ...

... MagSafe 3 is considered safe, as already mentioned. White as a splash of color is also reflected in the keyboard color. A black keyboard is therefore reserved for the MacBook Pro. Must say goodbye ...

... in any case from the current wedge shape. The case back is flat and evenly aligned, just like its big brother. We think: can come like this. The white frame and the keyboard, which is also designed, take some getting used to. It was last with the plastic MacBook, which was finally discontinued in mid-2011. Speaking of which: the new MacBookAir should then be available in summer 2022.


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