Never look for glasses again: Clever AirTags tag makes it possible

Never look for glasses again: Clever AirTags tag makes it possible

People who wear glasses know only too well that glasses like to say goodbye and then remain virtually impossible to find. A new trailer with Apple's AirTag technology is now available so that you can easily find the glasses again.

AirTag Glasses Strap: Find glasses easily

Finding glasses is not that easy, as you can logically see less without them. It is not easy to find out whether it is just lying on the desk in another room or in the office. The Californian company Nomad has taken on exactly this problem and presented a solution in which Apple's AirTags are the focus.

Not only backpacks or keys can be located via the small trackers from Apple, but also glasses - provided you have the appropriate accessories. Nomad is now offering this under the name AirTag Glasses Strap. This is a goggle strap into which an AirTag is inserted . If you lose your glasses, you can find out where you are.

The manufacturer's goggle strap is made of waterproof nylon. The package includes three different attachments made of TPU, which should fit every frame and can also provide more stability when wearing the glasses. An AirTag itself is not included in the scope of delivery and must therefore be purchased separately. So there are additional costs of a little more than 30 euros.

What can AirTags actually do? The answer is here in the video :

AirTag glasses strap for 29.95 euros

The glasses strap with AirTag function is now also available in Germany at a price of 29.95 euros . The AirTag Glasses Strap is available both from the manufacturer (with shipping costs) and from Amazon (without shipping costs). Only a black version is offered, which weighs 25 grams. Together with an AirTag it is 36 grams.


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