More successful than the iPhone: Apple surprise hit sold out for months

More successful than the iPhone: Apple surprise hit sold out for months

Nobody could count on such a resounding success, at least Apple itself. Anyone who has thought they would have to wait a long time for a new iPhone or MacBook Pro does not yet know the delivery times of Apple's secret surprise hit - for some just a little handkerchief , for others, however, the perfect gift idea.

Initially unnoticed by the public, on Monday presented not only new models of the MacBook Pro, but also a "polishing cloth" for a fabulous 25 euros (see Apple). After all, customers receive a cleaning rag with the original Apple logo .

Longer delivery times than an iPhone: Apple's polishing cloth sold out for months

But seriously: Who buys such a small piece of fabric for too much money? The way it looks, there are too many customers. Even now, according to official information, you have to wait 11 to 12 weeks for delivery when ordering in the German Apple Online Store , in the US store the manufacturer specifies a delivery time of 2 to 3 months . In a nutshell: It is very likely that quite a few interested parties will have to wait until the beginning of 2023.

With delivery times like this, the small polishing cloth is ultimately "more successful" than any iPhone 13 or MacBook Pro, because they are more likely to be delivered to the waiting customers . For example, there is currently a blue iPhone 13 with 128 GB from Apple by the beginning of November at the latest from the time the order is received.

But why do so many people even buy the Apple cleaning cloth and are willing to pay so much money for it? We have a justified assumption: There is probably one or the other buyer who sees such a cleaning cloth with the Apple logo as the perfect gift for an Apple fan among friends and family . Unfortunately, the creative idea for new customers no longer works due to the long delivery times. Is there no alternative?

Alternative gift idea for Apple fans

We have a suggestion: If you don't want a cleaning cloth, but instead want another Apple product at a "low" price as a gift, we recommend taking a look at the Apple AirTags . A single key finder costs 35 euros. In the 4-pack, however, we currently only pay 97.11 euros at Amazon - that's a little more than 24 euros per piece (see at Amazon). The perfect gift for 4 good friends who are at home in the Apple world.


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