More power than the PS5: Apple s switch alternative will be a monster

More power than the PS5: Apple s switch alternative will be a monster

The Nintendo Switch continues to surf the wave of success: the hybrid console has been over the counter almost 90 million times so far. That arouses imitators who also want a piece of the switch cake. Apparently Apple is one of them. The switch alternative of the US group is supposed to offer one thing above all else: performance.

After the Wii U fiasco, no one could predict the gigantic success of the Switch. But Nintendo has given the lie to the critics who have been predicting the death of the video game giant for years. As early as August, Nintendo was able to look back on over 89 million units sold - and with the launch of the new Switch OLED, the 90 million barrier should long ago have been broken. However, Nintendo shouldn't rest too much on its own laurels.

Apple is said to be working on a console in the style of the Nintendo Switch

Because the traditional Japanese company could soon face a tough opponent: Apple. The iPhone manufacturer is said to be working on its "own interpretation of a premium hybrid console" (source: iDrop News). What this means in detail is not known.

In addition to the console itself, Apple is also said to have Triple-A games in the pipeline, which are said to be so good that they can compete with "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" and "Super Mario Odyssey" . That would be a great deal if Apple should actually conjure up games of this quality - or the game developers who are probably commissioned by Apple.

Inside, Apple's own processor is to be used, which is "stronger than anything Microsoft and Sony will offer in 2021", they say. The Apple Switch should therefore be more powerful than a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. IDrop News is assuming prices of 449 to 549 US dollars, which would be the equivalent of 389 euros to 476 euros. Specific dates for the presentation are not given.

We show practical tips and tricks for the Nintendo Switch in the video :

The next logical step for Apple

The question remains: how realistic is this rumor? According to the renowned Apple blog iMore, iDrop News did not excel with correct leaks in the past, but there were similar reports from elsewhere about Apple's increased interest in the gaming market.

The successes around Apple Watch, AirPods or Apple TV also show that Apple also dares to enter markets that have so far not been part of its core business. Your own console could only be the next logical step .


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