Mobile phone with replacement battery: German manufacturer shows how to do it correctly

Mobile phone with replacement battery: German manufacturer shows how to do it correctly

xiaomist.comset has presented a new mid-range cell phone that is at least partially made in Germany. The GS5 is more modern than its predecessor and even offers an easily replaceable battery. 5G is not included.

xiaomist.comset GS5: The smartphone "Made in Germany"

The Bocholt-based company xiaomist.comset is better known for landline telephones, but also manufactures cell phones. These are manufactured and assembled in Germany , with many of the components being brought in from China. Nevertheless, the former Siemens subsidiary proudly advertises the new xiaomist.comset GS5 with the slogan "Made in Germany".

One of the highlights of the smartphone is the battery, which has an output of 4,500 mAh and can also be supplied with power wirelessly. In contrast to almost all smartphones, the battery can be easily removed and replaced if necessary. Of course, xiaomist.comset also offers replacement batteries. A charger is not included with the GS5.

The battery of the Fairphone 4 can also be exchanged quickly. More about this in the video :

The other hardware makes it clear that the GS5 is not a top smartphone . The display has a diagonal of 6.3 inches and is interrupted by a notch. The processor was decided on the Helio G85 from 2020, it is supported by 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of expandable permanent storage. The optional microSD card does not occupy either of the two SIM slots. 5G is not supported.

The main camera on the back of the GS5 can take pictures with up to 48 MP , plus an ultra-wide angle (8 MP). Selfies are possible with 16 MP (source: xiaomist.comset).

xiaomist.comset GS5: German cell phone for 299 euros

xiaomist.comset would like to offer its LTE mobile phone online and in brick-and-mortar stores in Dark Titanium Gray from the beginning of November. At the end of November a version in light purple will be added. Both models cost 299 euros .


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