mijia air purifier with cooling and air circulation function was introduced

Xiaomi has officially unveiled the mijia circulating air purifier in China with a unique and unprecedented design. This product has been available for financing on Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi youpin and Xiaomi Home since September 22. It is priced at 1999 yuan ($ 309) but then sells for 2,499 yuan ($ 386).

In addition to its purifying function, the Mijia air purifier has two other functions: it can act as a portable fan and also facilitate air circulation inside the house.

This device can deliver purified clean air to a distance of 8 meters through circulating air technology. The head of this device is adjustable to have a slope between 0 and 45 degrees and an angle of 85 degrees. If moved left and right at 90 degrees, it spreads the airflow over a larger range to achieve high efficiency.

Using circulating wind technology, the Mijia circulating air purifier can quickly treat formaldehyde disturbance over a larger area, and its formaldehyde purification efficiency has reportedly increased by 29 percent compared to previous versions.

In order not to disturb the user's sleep, many air purifiers do their best to reduce the noise of working in sleep mode, but their purification ability is also greatly reduced. In sleep mode, the Mijia air purifier can not only maintain a low noise of 35.7dB (A), but also maintain a clean air output of 101.3m³ per hour and has a strong purifying effect at night.

This device is equipped with various types of precision sensors. Even in standby mode, it can control internal pollutants, temperature and humidity changes. It also uses intelligent algorithms to automatically turn on the purifier according to the quality of the indoor environment and maintain it without interruption.

Xiaomi may launch the product outside of China, but there is currently no information on this.

mijia air purifier with cooling and air circulation function was first introduced in Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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