Mercedes: New e-car subscription comes as a complete package

Mercedes: New e-car subscription comes as a complete package

Mercedes wants to combine e-cars with e-bikes. For this purpose, a subscription is provided in which customers receive a monthly electricity credit at a fixed price. The pilot project with the Mercedes EQA 250 and Swapfiets bike will start shortly in Berlin.

Mercedes: e-car, e-bike and electricity in one package

Mercedes has thought of a special offer that will be launched as a pilot project in Berlin in October. Interested parties can get a Mercedes EQA 250 in addition to the Power 7 electric bike from Swapfiets. There is also a monthly charge credit - similar to the Volkswagen e-car subscription. Customers are not asked to pay extra for service and maintenance, as they are already included in the price. The project starts on October 18, 2021 as "Berlin EQ City".

E-cars, e-bikes and electricity cost 799 euros a month at Mercedes in a package. In addition, there is a one-time fee of 400 euros. For this sum, the Mercedes EQA 250 is offered with fully comprehensive insurance (with a deductible of 1,500 euros).

There are still some myths about electric cars that we like to clear up in the video :

Mercedes: Complete subscription for two years

The car manufacturer envisions a term of 24 months with a three-month notice period, which can also be used during the first two years. A mileage of 1,250 kilometers is included. The Mercedes EQA 250 offers an output of 140 kilowatts and a WLTP range of 426 kilometers per battery charge, which should, however, be less noticeable in everyday life. A charging credit of 100 euros per month is included (source:

The Swapfiets 7 e-bike has seven gears and a 250 watt motor. The manufacturer specifies a range of up to 145 kilometers, the removable battery is recharged after 7.5 hours. Maintenance of the e-bike is included with the Mercedes subscription.


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