Meet the new Xiaomi hanger, the ideal item for your travels

Among the various novelties that Xiaomi has recently launched on YouPin, we usually find products that are ideal for both home and travel. One of these gadgets that stands out for its design and practicality is the new Xiaomi hanger .

Código de descuento de percha de ropa Xiaomi YouPin

Xiaomi dryer hanger What are its characteristics?

The new hanger that is already on the crowdfunding platform comes under the SmartFrog brand. It is equipped with a hot air drying function , which of course makes it much more attractive. In addition, it has a safety certificate from the EU, as well as a ceramic resistance that generates heat.

This, in turn, allows it to have a power of 150W; being useful not only for shirts, but also for other garments, such as sweaters, jeans and jackets . In other words, it can become a perfect item to dry our clothes at home or when we go on a trip.

Xiaomi YouPin Clothes Hanger Discount Code

Given its characteristics, it has the ability to dry cold, withstand a garment of up to 3 kg, as well as a drying time of around 3 hours depending on the garment.

  • It has a regulator where you can adjust the heat temperature that you want to come out throughout the whole of the hanger, thus being able to evenly dry your hanging clothes.

Clothes hanger with automatic drying What is its availability and price?

Currently, this hanger is available, at the moment, both on YouPin and Banggood; with a price of € 22, approximately .

Smartfrog 150W 220V Electric Clothesline Clothes Dryer 3h Foldable Drying Shoe Rack Hanger Heater Max Load 3kg


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