MagSafe Duo not compatible: Apple Watch is embarrassed again

MagSafe Duo not compatible: Apple Watch is embarrassed again

Charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time - that's exactly what MagSafe Duo offers. As it now turns out, Apple has once again not been so strict about the details. The new Apple Watch 7 charges slowly. There are also problems with the iPhone 13 Pro.

MagSafe Duo: Apple Watch 7 is charging slowly

Apple's inductive double charger MagSafe Duo is actually a practical thing. The iPhone and the Apple Watch can be supplied with power wirelessly at the same time. Now it turns out, however, that Apple has forgotten a pretty important detail, as it did with the iPhone 12. If you want to use the fast charging mode, you have to dig into your pocket again and buy a magnetic USB-C fast charging cable from Apple.

With the current MagSafe Duo, the new Apple Watch 7 cannot be charged permanently, as Apple has now confirmed. The quick charge function is not compatible with the seventh generation of the Apple Watch. Attaching your own fast USB-C power supply to the MagSafe does not help, because it has to be a new Apple cable. This is the only way to charge the Apple Watch 7 around a third faster (source: Apple).

In the video : This is what the Apple Watch 7 offers.

MagSafe Duo also has problems with another Apple product. In combination with the iPhone 13 Pro, it can happen that the top smartphone only absorbs new energy painfully slowly . If the iPhone 13 Pro is in a case, it is simply wrong due to the camera hump. There is still contact with the magnet, but the charging process becomes inefficient.

MagSafe Duo: No new model in sight

When the new iPhones and the Apple Watch 7 were presented, there were no indications of a new MagSafe Duo that is better suited to the iPhone 13 Pro and also charges the new Apple Watch faster. In the case of the Apple Watch 7, it also has to be a suitable power supply unit.


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