MacBooks even faster: Apple is experimenting with a mysterious feature

MacBooks even faster: Apple is experimenting with a mysterious feature

Could MacBooks be even faster than Apple currently allows? Quite possible, because according to a recent report, the first indications of a secret "mode" in macOS Monterey have now been discovered. That could also fuel Apple's mobile computer.

In the current beta version of macOS Monterey (version 12), a so-called "high power mode" has now been discovered in the depths of the program code . It could be a currently still secret function in which MacBooks can switch on a kind of "turbo mode" (source: 9to5Mac).

MacBook with new "High Power Mode"

How can we imagine this? As soon as the MacBook is connected to a power supply unit, the "High Power Mode" is activated as required. Now the mobile computer runs under full load regardless of power consumption and heat development , possibly faster than Apple currently allows.

Seems familiar to us. Already within a developer version of macOS Catalina (version 10.15.3) there were indications of a similar "Pro Mode" in January 2020 . This should allow apps to run faster, but at the expense of higher power consumption and faster rotating fans. Ergo: It gets warmer and louder. However, the hidden feature did not make it into the final release in the end.

The features of macOS 12 shown in the video are not secret, Apple had already revealed them in June:

Apple's plans are not yet clear

A resumption of the idea by Apple would be possible now. However, the "High Power Mode" found cannot really be used yet. The only thing left is the code reference; there is no guarantee that it will be integrated within macOS Monterey. But you are welcome to speculate. For example, whether the "High Power Mode", if it comes, will also be available to older computers . It may also be that Apple reserves the feature for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2021.

We will most likely be presented with the latter later this year. Most recently, an Apple event was discussed in October, at which the announcement of the release date of macOS Monterey is expected.


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