MacBook Pro 2021: How Realistic Are These Pictures?

MacBook Pro 2021: How Realistic Are These Pictures?

It is very likely that Apple will present the new MacBook Pro to us in a few days. A big secret is still the design of the Apple computer. Conceptual images are now appearing, but how realistic are they actually?

At the upcoming Apple event we will finally see it - the new MacBook Pro 2021. The rumor mill is unanimous. Aside from technical improvements, we should expect a changed design for the first time since 2016 .

MacBook Pro 2021: Flat, lots of display and no touch bar

We now get a first idea of ​​this with the help of new concept images that are making the rounds on Twitter (source: Apple Tomorrow). The draft is clearly based on the reports and reports from the last few months that are already known. For example, we can easily find a MagSafe charging port, as well as an HDMI port. Both things predicted for the MacBook Pro. The touch bar, on the other hand, was deleted. Apple's OLED touch bar has had its day and no longer has a future. The displays (14 and 16 inches), on the other hand, are gaining in format and size.

From this perspective, the artistic implementation of the MacBook appears successful and entirely credible. However, there are still too many unknown details . How narrow is the display bezel really? How much, for example, is Apple getting inspired by the design of the new iMac? What colors will Apple offer?

Apple's conservative approach to design

All of this remains unanswered in the end. The concept shown here is in any case not exaggerated, almost conservative . People from outside the industry would have to look several times in order to be able to identify clear differences to the current model.

The current MacBook Pro ( in the video ) still corresponds to the design of the models from five years ago:

Basically, this again speaks in favor of the concept, because Apple is known for rather moderate steps in product design. A new form must follow the function and not be exchanged for its own will. In short: In our opinion, the design could in the end reflect reality quite well. There will be certainty on Monday, October 18 at 7:00 p.m. German time in the Apple livestream.


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