MacBook Pro 2021: The final secrets of the Apple notebook are revealed

MacBook Pro 2021: The final secrets of the Apple notebook are revealed

We don't have to wait long now, because in a few days Apple should present us with the new MacBook Pro 2021. A lot was already known about this, but now the rumor mill is also revealing the final secrets.

Every bet at the recently announced Apple event on October 18th we will get the new MacBook Pro 2021 from Apple. Before the manufacturer lifts the veil, an insider quickly reveals further details about the upcoming Apple notebook.

MacBook Pro 2021: More RAM and flash storage right from the start

Accordingly, the basic configurations of the two models (14 and 16 inches) should already come up with 16 GB of RAM and a flash memory of 512 GB . This would correspond to the high-end configuration of the current 13- and 16-inch models (source: Dylandkt).

Mini-LED screens, framed in a narrower frame, are also confirmed . That leaves no more space for a logo or the word and image mark of the MacBook Pro. This would be in line with the new design philosophy, because the iMac presented this year also dispenses with such a feature in the front view.

One thing is for sure, macOS Monterey will run on the new MacBooks, which we can see here in the video :

The power supply unit of the MacBook Pro 2021 was also redesigned. However, details are not yet given. A new, more powerful webcam (1080p) is hardly surprising. On the other hand, the price calculation is more important, because the price difference between the new 14- and 16-inch model should be much smaller than is still the case with the current models.

Apple is working on the 120 Hz display

Speaking of the display, another surprise could await us here. According to a well-informed display expert, it would be entirely possible for the new displays to be operated with a screen frequency of 120 Hz (source: Ross Young). Equivalent to the iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro, in our opinion this would enable extremely fluid movements and, with dynamic control, might even save energy in the end. Namely when the refresh rate can be reduced extremely if necessary and depending on the situation. However, the feature is not yet certain, but Apple is definitely working on it. If not now, then the trait should play a role in the future.

The new MacBook Pro could look like this or something like that:

Other equipment items had already been made public beforehand. The new MacBooks should work with the Apple M1X chip , a performance-enhanced ten-core. In addition, we can expect the MagSafe charging port to return, as well as an HDMI port and an integrated SD card reader.


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