MacBook Pro 2021: crazy rumor causes unrest

MacBook Pro 2021: crazy rumor causes unrest

In all likelihood, Apple will present the new MacBook Pro 2021 to the public in a few hours. Shortly before, a rather crazy rumor caused further unrest in the scene. Accordingly, the display of the new notebook should have a notch similar to that of the iPhone - can this be?

Actually, people thought they knew almost every detail of the new MacBook Pro 2021, but a rather unusual rumor is surfacing in the Far East. If that's true, then the displays of the two new MacBooks (14 and 16 inch) will get a notch . So the display notch that has accompanied us since the iPhone X and was initially heavily discussed (source: Weibo). To support the rumor, an alleged picture emerges:

MacBook Pro 2021 with Notch but without Face ID?

But that's not all, this thesis is even crazier in the context of rumors: Instead of a Face ID camera with a TrueDepth camera, Apple should do without facial recognition. Instead, the notch is only used to house a "normal" webcam (1.080p), a true-tone sensor and a microphone. Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) will remain with us as before. But why should Apple then integrate the notch, what would be the motivation for such a rather controversial decision?

Even the notch on the iPhone caused heated discussions at xiaomist - you can see it in the video :

Apparently there are only aesthetic reasons in the room. The notch would make it possible to draw a consistently thin border around the entire display - symmetry on all sides. Currently, however, the edges are of different thicknesses horizontally and vertically.

Apple's ominous 74 pixels

The colleagues from MacRumors found another interesting point (source: MacRumors). The two new screen resolutions appeared weeks ago. These did not quite correspond to the currently usual format of 16:10, but if you subtract 74 pixels in height from these, they would again correspond exactly to the aspect ratio known to us. The assumption: Apple hides the additional space required for the notch in the 74 pixels.

We shouldn't expect a MacBook like this for today:

Sounds obvious at first, but how would macOS 12 Monterey actually deal with a notch in the end? Would Apple really limit the space on the menu bar? Question after question. There will be an answer to this no later than this evening in the livestream of the Apple event.


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