MacBook Air 2022: Apple s plans come on the table

MacBook Air 2022: Apple s plans come on the table

After the presentation of the new MacBook Pro, the eyes are now on the potential successor to the MacBook Air. The manufacturer's plans are now on the table and give a fairly accurate picture of the new "Luftikus".

The new MacBook Pro is much more than just an update of the previous computer. Rather, customers receive a completely redesigned Apple laptop and the fastest and probably best mobile computer from Cupertino to date. This also increases the demands and expectations of the upcoming MacBook Air 2022 .

Apple's plans for the MacBook Air 2022: Notch, M2, MagSafe etc.

The colleagues from MacRumors have taken the trouble and put together all the latest reports and rumors about the new MacBook Air. The result is a pretty accurate picture of the successor to the best-selling Apple notebook (source: MacRumors). What can or should we expect better?

The notch comes: the MacBook Pro shows how it is, the MacBook Air imitates it. The notch (display notch) is also found in the Air. We can therefore look forward to a few extra pixels on the display - more space for the menu bar and thus also for content. Mini-LED display: Speaking of which ... as with the new MacBook Pro, Apple relies on mini-LEDs for the screen. So it should be a bit brighter and smoother, because ProMotion (120 Hz) is at least conceivable in this context. The wedge disappears: The typical wedge-shaped design, which has existed since the first model in 2008, is no longer to be continued. In the end, we should get an extremely thin version of the new MacBook Pro design. More colors: Equivalent to the new iMac, a number of new colors are expected for the MacBook Air. A green or blue Apple notebook? It was last with the iBook until 2001 and maybe soon again in 2022. New processor: We shouldn't expect the new M1 Pro or M1 Max for the Air. Instead, Apple is planning the direct successor to the M1. The M2 is currently being developed under the code name "Staten". It shouldn't have more cores than the M1, but it should still be more powerful. In terms of graphics, the chip should also grow and then have 9 to 10 GPU cores. MagSafe returns: The new MagSafe-3 connector for a magnetic lock when charging the MacBook is not reserved for the Pro model. The MacBook Air will also be safely refueled with electricity in the future and does not have to fear that careless users will fall into the abyss with a cable that is too tightly connected.

We will also see some details of the new MacBook Pro ( in the video ) in the new MacBook Air:

Release of the new Apple notebook

The question remains about the release. Originally, reports promised a performance in 2021. But we have to say goodbye to this idea sooner. Current plans are based on mid-2022 at the earliest, but maybe not until autumn. In this respect: there is still enough time to save some money. Most likely, Apple will position the new MacBook Air as a "better" alternative to the current model. This should still be available to guarantee a cheap entry.


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