Klarna customers are threatened with debt collection procedures: You should definitely avoid this mistake

Klarna customers are threatened with debt collection procedures: You should definitely avoid this mistake

Consumer advocates are currently warning Klarna customers to be careful: Even a small amount of inattention when making payments can lead to a debt collection process. The affected customers actually did everything right - at least that's what many believe.

Klarna is very popular as a payment provider in Germany, currently ranks second, only beaten by PayPal. The number of customers is correspondingly large - and thus the number of those who, according to consumer protection, have to be particularly careful when making payments . Even a small mistake can mean that you have not paid correctly (source: Federation of German Consumer Organizations / VZBV).

Klarna: Minimally changed purpose has fatal consequences

Minor deviations in the intended use can lead to amounts actually transferred correctly being reimbursed to the customers. This is useful when you actually make a mistake.

In everyday life for many users, however, it means that retailers fail to pay. If the intended use does not exactly match the information stored at Klarna, the remittance will be initiated there and will never reach the recipient.

A debt collection company will be ready sooner than you would expect, and they will not only demand the outstanding amount. No, customers then also have to bear the costs of the debt collection process. That can quickly turn into uncomfortable money.

How do the problems at Klarna come about?

Apparently, the problem arises when customers do not adhere to the given purpose sign by sign . The VZBV reports on cases in which customers added their names to the correct intended use in the assumption that this would make the assignment easier. But exactly the opposite is the case.

Whether you pay with PayPal or Klarna - you can find out how you can save on online shopping in the video :

Klarna explains: " Rotating numbers or manual changes to the intended use actually lead to problems in the allocation of payments. That is why we advise customers on our invoices to indicate the correct purpose and to refrain from collective payments, ie to pay each invoice individually "(source: PC Welt).

The consumer advocates also criticize that contacting Klarna hardly contributes to solving the problem. The payment provider has already responded to the problems. A manual comparison for checking has been introduced, which is intended to solve the problems in many cases. The company also recommends paying directly via the Klarna app in order to rule out such cases as much as possible.


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