iPhone update postponed: Apple now saves photos and much more

iPhone update postponed: Apple now saves photos and much more

After the release of iOS 15.0.1, Apple is now stepping up and a few days later brings another update with iOS 15.0.2 with numerous bug fixes for iPhone and iPad. Among other things, an annoying photo bug is finally fixed.

Currently there is an update for the iPhone and iPad every few days, including now with iOS 15.0.2 - already the second, smaller service update for iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, which is not even a whole month under its belt (source: Apple).

iPhone update: iOS 15.0.2 brings salvation for photos etc.

As always, Apple is working hard to close numerous security holes and fix a few bugs. Above all, Apple is now the savior of its own photo library . We remember: Saved pictures from messages disappeared as if by magic when the associated message was deleted and then an iCloud backup was made. This error behavior has been corrected with the latest update. But the "bug fixes" do not end there, Apple reports:

"IOS 15.0.2 contains bug fixes and important security updates for your iPhone.

This update contains bug fixes for your iPhone:

Photos backed up from Messages in your library might be deleted after you remove the related conversation or message. The connection of the iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe to "Where is?" May fail. AirTags may not appear in the Where Is tab for items. Opening audio apps via CarPlay may fail or the connection may be disconnected during playback. Device restore or update may fail when using Finder or iTunes with iPhone 13 models. "

Not updated to iOS 15 yet? Then you miss this feature shown in the video :

Apple is working on a major update

Given the current speed and frequency, we wouldn't be surprised if Apple released another update with version number 15.0.3 before iOS 15.1 is released. For iOS 15.1: Apple is already working on the first major service update and will include the ProRes support announced for the iPhone 13 Pro (Max), as well as SharePlay for FaceTime. There is not yet a release date from Apple for iOS 15.1 , but experience has shown that it can be expected towards the end of the month.


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