iPhone SE 3: Apple s recycling continues

iPhone SE 3: Apple s recycling continues

Anyone who hoped that Apple would use a modern design language for the iPhone SE 3 will likely be disappointed. According to media reports, the US company should recycle the well-known design again. But there are necessary improvements under the hood.

In the past few years, Apple has become a true master of recycling. There is hardly a case design that has not been given a second life in other models after its debut in the original. The iPhone 8 was one of them, which was reissued as the iPhone SE in 2020. And the upcoming iPhone SE 3 should also appear in this retro chic (source: Macotakara via 9to5Mac).

iPhone SE 3 planned without design changes

As a result, the third iPhone SE generation should again have a 4.7-inch diagonal LC display and a physical home button with a fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) . In view of the fact that a mask is still required in many areas, a fingerprint sensor could be more practical than Face ID in everyday life.

Already in June, the well-known Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo expressed himself in a similar direction. Apple leaks have often turned out to be wrong, especially in recent times. However, it is unlikely that the US company will conjure up a complete redesign of the iPhone SE, as some concepts dream of.

Despite the old-fashioned design, the iPhone SE 2020 was able to convince, as we show in the video :

Apple installs modern technology with 5G and A15 Bionic

At least there should be some improvements in the built-in hardware, says Macotakara. Above all, it is expected that the iPhone SE 3 will also support the fast 5G cellular standard and will be powered by the brand new A15 Bionic inside . This should ensure that there is sufficient performance.

We will supposedly find out in spring 2022 whether the reports are true. After the start of mass production in December of this year, the new iPhone SE 3 will then go on sale. However, there is still no information on the expected prices.


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