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In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and individuals alike require efficient and reliable data management solutions. The U8-450 NAS server from TerraMaster is a cutting-edge device that combines powerful hardware with advanced features to meet the demands of modern data storage and sharing. The heart of the U8-450 NAS server is its Atom C3558R Quad-core 2.4GHz … The post TerraMaster Released U8-450 NAS Server – Rackmount 2U 8-Bay with High Speed appeared first on XiaomiToday .

iPhone repair: when to do it and when not to

iPhone repair: when to do it and when not to

An iPhone certainly has many advantages, no question about it, but simple repairs are not one of them. Broken displays, water damage and broken batteries are part of everyday life. In view of the high Apple repair prices, the questions arise as to which damage you can still repair yourself, when is an iPhone repair worthwhile at all and what does all the fun cost? We have the answers.

Stiftung Warentest is tough and throws iPhones 100 times from a height of 80 centimeters onto a stone floor for test purposes. The result: The iPhone Pro models and the Mini show no damage. The "normal" iPhone, on the other hand, does, but the smartphone at least remains functional. It doesn't sound too bad at all, but Apple makes a lot of money every day with iPhone repairs, because broken displays, water damage and broken batteries are common and the repair prices are steep.

In addition, when it comes to Apple, you either have to go to the Apple Store for repairs, to an Apple-certified repair service, or to send the iPhone to an Apple repair center. There is also a new program for independent repair providers who are supported by Apple with genuine parts, tools and more. The prerequisite for this, however, is that Apple-trained technicians also work in the factories. As you can hear, Apple is pretty picky with the selection here and the effort is very great for workshops.

On the other hand, screwing yourself is no longer planned at Apple and Apple is putting more and more obstacles in the way of hobbyists to make cheap DIY solutions more difficult. Another problem is the supply of spare parts with original accessories, which are practically non-existent outside of the Apple certification world. But if you don't use original parts, Apple has built additional hurdles into the system that lead to error messages after hardware changes. This happens, for example, when batteries or displays from third-party manufacturers are installed.

iPhone Repair: Warranty

But before you grapple with prices and options for repairs, you automatically ask yourself the question of the warranty: Of course, it is also available from Apple and it runs for one year, but of course only covers manufacturing defects and explicitly excludes wear parts such as the battery . You can check the warranty status on this website. All you have to do is enter the serial number of your iPhone, which you can find in the settings under "General" and "Info".

iPhone Repair: Apple Care +

Apple's support and hardware protection package Apple Care + is an option for everyone. For a monthly fee, you can carry out up to two repairs per year and only have to pay a comparatively small additional fee: display damage then only costs 29 euros once, other damage costs 99 euros. A second package also covers theft and loss, the additional fee for this is 129 euros. The AppleCare + monthly fee depends on the device; for the iPhone mini, for example, it is 8.49 euros.

iPhone repair: cost

Anyone can look up the cost of an iPhone repair at Apple in official price lists. But be careful not to burst into tears, because the prices are steep. Apple distinguishes between three areas:

Display repair prices: Apple has an updated display repair price list on their website. There you can see that you pay over 360 euros for the iPhone 13 Max Pro, but only around 150 euros for the iPhone SE. Battery repair prices: The pricing for battery replacement is not that complicated. Older devices cost 55 euros for this, while current iPhones cost 75 euros. Prices for other repairs: The prices for other iPhone repairs that Apple presents on its website seem particularly steep. Users of an iPhone 13 Pro Max have to pay a whopping 640 euros, but the iPhone X is also almost 600 euros. What you need to know: This is the maximum that can be incurred in terms of repair costs, up to and including a complete replacement. More detailed information on the costs in individual cases is then available from the Apple Store or from the Apple service partner.

iPhone repair: set

Fans of tool boxes with enough space in the basement can also purchase a complete set of mobile phone repair equipment. But when the point is to repair damage, repair kits are the better choice. You can find them at iFixit, for example. Battery plus all the necessary tools for exchanging the iPhone X cost around 50 euros, for example. Appropriate instructions can be found on the website. But be careful: the repair requires manual skill and patience. In addition, you run into problems again and again, for example the water-repellent seals are scrap if you replace the display.

iPhone repair: display

A cracked display is one of the most common iPhone repairs. The best way is to go to an Apple Store nearby, alternatively an Apple-certified repair shop can help or you can send the phone to an Apple repair center. You can request a repair via this support page. In doing so, you first narrow down the problem, for example to a cracked display on the front, and then prepare it for submission. Apple lists up to five business days for this type of repairs. Alternatively, for example, iFixit offers complete sets with a replacement display and the necessary tools for anyone who dares to do the repair themselves.

iPhone Repair: Preparations

Apple explains that you need your Apple ID and password at certified service centers. You should also make a backup beforehand. This is important if the repair deletes the data on the iPhone.

iPhone Repair: Duration

If you have wrecked your iPhone and the first shock has subsided, the most important question after the costs is how long a repair will take. Apple has at least a thumbs-up for this. The repair takes around five days if you send in the iPhone. Sometimes it is quicker on site, but then an appointment must be available in the Apple Store. Displays are then often exchanged immediately.

iPhone Repair: Nearby

It is tempting not to send the iPhone in if it is damaged, but to have it repaired on site. The way is the same, only narrow down the problem via the Apple support page. Then select "Bring it in for repair". Authorized Apple service providers and, if available, appointments in the Apple Store are stored there. Appointments are processed using the Apple ID.

iPhone Repair: Water Damage

Whip and the iPhone goes swimming in the toilet bowl. No joke, the iPhone often slips out of the back pocket at the wrong time and plunges into the toilet. But what does the iPhone repair look like in the event of water damage? You can again make an appointment with Apple or an Apple partner and either bring the iPhone over or send it in. The central point of contact is this support page.

Home remedies for water damage are rice or, if available, silica gel. You can open the iPhone with a special repair kit. Indicators show where water has penetrated everywhere. The board may be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Visibly corroded areas can be cleaned with a soft brush. But be careful: even to dismantle the iPhone, manual skills, patience and the right tools are required. Those who do not trust themselves to do this, better let specialists do it.

iPhone repair: do it yourself

You can assemble an Ikea shelf yourself and refill your car yourself from time to time? Then that doesn't mean that you should screw on an iPhone yourself. Seriously, Apple makes it difficult for users to access the hardware. For example, many different screws are used and parts are glued together. Repair kits that promise a new display for 50 euros are in great demand, while Apple costs 150 euros. But if something goes wrong with the repair, you have spent the 50 euros, 150 for the new display from Apple plus additional costs for the damage you caused. This is nothing for the vast majority of users, so it's best to have iPhones repaired by specialists, even if the prices are steep.

iPhone repair: make an appointment

An appointment for the iPhone repair can be found directly on the Apple support page. There you can choose whether you want to send the device in or hand it in at the Apple Store or at a certified partner.

iPhone repair: query status

Some things can be repaired quickly on site. You then go there with the broken iPhone and, ideally, walk home with the repaired device after a short time. But sometimes the repair takes longer. You can check the current status on this website.

iPhone repair: Also at MediaMarkt and Saturn

Apple stores are only available in larger cities. If you don't want to ship your iPhone, you may have to plan a longer journey. The good news: Electronics giants MediaMarkt and Saturn also repair iPhones. So it may be worthwhile to visit MediaMarkt and Saturn's website. There you will also find prices for various standard repairs such as display damage or broken batteries.


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