IPhone price explosion: How much more we pay for the Apple cell phone now

IPhone price explosion: How much more we pay for the Apple cell phone now

Everything is getting more expensive, even for an iPhone we pay significantly more today than we did a few years ago. But how much more do we actually have to put on the table for a new iPhone 13? A new study has the answer.

Nowadays, it is not just felt that we are paying more for many things in everyday life, such as electricity and the like. This is the result of a recent study (source: Self).

Higher prices on the iPhone are real

The special thing about this is that general inflation is only partially responsible for this, because Apple's own price increase cannot be justified solely by the inflation. Specifically: Apple raised iPhone prices 26 percent higher than local inflation rates. This means that for people around the world today , a flagship iPhone actually costs an average of $ 154 more than the first models available.

If we include inflation, the price explosion is of course even higher. The numbers are clear and startling a little at first, because worldwide an iPhone 13 now costs 81 percent (437 US dollars) more than the first Apple cell phone in 2007. Using the example of the USA, the price increase is even more moderate - an increase of 60 percent. But here, too, purchasing power only increased by 42 percent in the same period, and in the end it is actually 88 US dollars more adjusted to have to be paid.

Nice, but also nice and expensive - the new iPhone 13 in the video :

Where does the Apple cell phone cost the most in terms of purchasing power?

Aside from this type of "price explosion", there is another, perhaps much more important, value. Namely the percentage of the annual purchasing power that buyers currently have to estimate for a new iPhone 13. If we look at this value, then the Apple mobile phone is by far the most expensive in India . People there have to spend an average of 14.75 percent of their annual purchasing power on an iPhone.

For comparison: In the USA, on the other hand, it is only 1.17 percent. In Germany, slightly more (1.85 percent) . The same applies to our friends in Austria. Switzerland is in an even better position than us and the USA, as the Swiss only have to spend 1.25 percent of their purchasing power on a new iPhone in 2021.


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