iPhone 13 surprises testers: Apple phones are real endurance runners

iPhone 13 surprises testers: Apple phones are real endurance runners

At first glance, the iPhone 13 (mini) and iPhone 13 Pro (Max) contain only minor improvements compared to the iPhone 12. However, not least the more powerful batteries are worth a look. But how long do they really last in the end? The results are astonishing and surprise the testers.

At the iPhone 13 event, Apple promised longer battery life for the new generation of smartphones. The first tests already seemed to confirm such promises. The annual battery stress test by YouTuber Arun Maini , who hides behind the "Mrwhosetheboss" channel (source: Arun Maini), is even more informative.

iPhone 13 in the battery stress test: Apple phones do so well

It performs various tasks on all iPhones currently offered by Apple according to a set schedule. So long until they can no longer, i.e. until the battery has to give up and the mobile phone switches off. Who gets out first, who lasts the longest? The results in the overview:

iPhone SE: 3 hours 38 minutes iPhone 11: 4 hours 20 minutes iPhone 12: 5 hours 54 minutes iPhone 13 mini: 6 hours 26 minutes iPhone 13: 7 hours 45 minutes iPhone 13 Pro: 8 hours 17 minutes iPhone 13 Pro Max: 9 Hours 52 minutes

Apple's promise is also confirmed at this point - no other iPhone beats the entire iPhone 13 family. As expected, the iPhone 13 Pro Max takes the lead with almost 10 hours. A value that has not yet been achieved by any Apple smartphone.

But even the iPhone 13 mini now beats the normal iPhone 12 and is therefore a serious alternative for buyers at the same price. You only have to make friends with the smaller display, otherwise you get the more modern smartphone through and through.

The Pro is a real Pro in 2021

Just as remarkable: The iPhone 13 Pro now finally lasts longer compared to the standard version. Last year it was different when the normal iPhone 12 beat the Pro version. Fortunately, this rather confusing situation has been resolved, because the iPhone 13 Pro is also better than the normal iPhone 13 when it comes to battery.

How do the iPhone 13 models differ? The following video provides clarification:

The iPhone SE brings up the rear in the current ranking. YouTuber Arun Maini would not recommend this model to anyone at the moment. There are significantly better alternatives in the Android store in terms of price in relation to the battery. On the other hand, the 13s are a real announcement, not least to the barricaded Google competitors.


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