iPhone 13 Mini: With 40 GB in the Vodafone network at a great price

iPhone 13 Mini: With 40 GB in the Vodafone network at a great price

Looking for the brand new Apple iPhone 13 Mini? Then you shouldn't miss the tariff deal at DeinHandy.de. There you can get the compact top smartphone with 5G-capable 40 GB data volume as well as all-network and SMS flat rates in the well-developed network from Vodafone at an extremely low price. xiaomist has the details.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini with 40 GB tariff in the Vodafone network at a bargain price

If you are not only aiming for the Apple iPhone 13 Mini , but also need the right 5G tariff , you should take a closer look at the current tariff bundle on DeinHandy.de. There you can get the brand new iPhone for a monthly fee of 44.99 euros and a one-time fee of 44.94 euros (additional payment + connection price ). You can make as many calls and text messages as you want. There is also a generous 40 GB data volume in the Vodafone network including 5G . If you want to take your phone number from the old provider with you, there is even a 100 euro exchange bonus on top of that.

The Apple iPhone 13 Mini has only been available in stores since September 2021. It has a 5.4-inch OLED display with 128 GB of internal memory and weighs a light 140 grams. Thanks to a larger battery compared to its predecessor, Apple promises a battery life of up to 55 hours of audio playback.

You can find more technical specifications in the large iPhone 13 comparison:

Overview of tariff details

Tariff: Smart XL Handy5 Special Boost Network: Vodafone 40 GB (up to 500 Mbit / s and 5G-capable) Allnet and SMS flat rate 24 months contract period, 3 months' notice, 100 euro change bonus optional when transferring phone number

How you can calculate yourself whether a tariff is good, we'll tell you in the following video:

The following costs await you

Basic fee: 24 × 44.99 euros per month One-time additional payment for the iPhone 13 Mini: 4.95 euros Connection price: 39.99 euros Shipping costs: free of charge
= Total costs of 1,124.70 euros after 24 months

iPhone 13 Mini in the Vodafone tariff bundle: That's why the offer is so good

According to Idealo.de, the iPhone 13 Mini currently costs 795 euros. If you subtract this device value from the total costs of 1,124.70 euros after 24 months, there are still 329.70 euros left for the tariff . That means that your effective only 13.74 euros per month paid. If you decide to take your number with you and take the 100 euros with you, only 9.58 euros per month remain. A really very affordable price for a tariff with 5G-capable 40 GB data volume , all-network and SMS flat rates. For comparison: Normally you have to pay around 60 euros for the tariff at Vodafone.

But don't forget to cancel in good time, i.e. at least 3 months before the end of the contract. If you do not do this, the contract is automatically extended for another year, even though you have already paid off the devices. From 25 months, the rate increased even to 51.99 euros a month.

If you are looking for the Pro version of the Apple iPhone 13, you should take a look at the following offer:


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