iPhone 13: Incredible Apple Video Demonstrates Its Full Potential

iPhone 13: Incredible Apple Video Demonstrates Its Full Potential

The iPhone 13 and especially the iPhone 13 Pro convince with their video capabilities, but most users will not exploit the full potential. But what actually works is demonstrated by two experts in a new film.

The yardstick for Apple is clearly set: Every iPhone must take better photos and better videos. What "better" means can then convert real professionals. Just like the two experts Dong Hoon Jun (photographer) and James Thorton (visual artist) . Both were commissioned by Apple to carry out a very special experiment, the creation of which Apple shows in a new film (source: YouTube, Apple).

iPhone 13 vs. Hollywood: Sci-Fi film on your own

Both deliver a sci-fi short film that can compete with Hollywood without any ifs or buts - amazing special effects are no longer reserved only for film studios. What does it take for that? An iPhone 13 Pro with the new cinema mode and some creative ideas. Which are they? You can find out in Apple's film:

The video is divided into six parts : Intro, Hyperspeed, Outer Space, Cloudscape, Anti-Gravity, and Pepper's Ghost. In each of the sections, Hoon Jun and Thorton explain how they each shoot a scene and how you can make such a science fiction short film look realistic without expensive special effects.

Now, very few buyers of the iPhone 13 Pro will be staging their own films in such an elaborate way, but Apple's experiment shows very clearly what potential the iPhone 13 Pro still has. But what the film also proves: the Apple cell phone is always a tool. How to deal with it needs to be learned. Not everyone who can hold a hammer makes the most beautiful furniture out of it. Creativity and skill are also essential with the iPhone 13. A truth that may not be directly named, but which is nevertheless obvious.

Apple's current delivery problems

In any case, such impressive films arouse desire. A desire that Apple is currently only able to satisfy to a limited extent, since the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max in particular are extremely difficult to deliver and the delivery situation will not ease sooner or later (see Amazon). If you order now, you sometimes have to wait a month or two for delivery.


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