iPhone 13: If you have an older Apple cell phone, you should see these pictures

iPhone 13: If you have an older Apple cell phone, you should see these pictures

Anyone who already owns an iPhone 12 must and probably will not necessarily consider purchasing a new iPhone 13. If, on the other hand, you still use an older Apple cell phone, you should take a look at the following comparison pictures.

Every year with a new generation of iPhones there are sometimes more, sometimes less noticeable improvements in the camera. The comparison reveals how clear the quality differences are. The colleagues from MacRumors compared the photographic performance of an iPhone 6, iPhone 8, iPhone 11 Pro and a new iPhone 13 - not in the Pro version (source: MacRumors).

iPhone 13 in the Apple camera comparison: takes the better photos by far

As expected, the iPhone 13 triumphs. What is astonishing, however, is that even the two-year-old iPhone 11 Pro is subject to the new standard model in direct confrontation . Less in daylight, but more tangible at night or when there is generally less light available.

Of course, the iPhone 6 has no chance, no matter what the situation. Better the iPhone 8, which at least photographs the colors reasonably correctly. In the end, however, it is still way too dark.

So if you use such an older iPhone, you can safely grab the iPhone 13 and have earned the upgrade. The situation with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is somewhat more difficult. Sure, the 13's camera is much better, but the 2019 generation is anything but outdated. You can, but don't have to upgrade.

Smartphone cameras keep getting better. We reveal the reasons for this in the video:

Exact colors and super sharpness

The bottom line is that MacRumors comes to the following conclusion and raves about the new model:

"The iPhone 13 outperforms all older iPhones in color accuracy, including skin tones. It's also fantastic with HDR and everything is super sharp, even if the lighting isn't ideal. "

The normal iPhone 13 had already impressed in the renowned DxOMark test. There it drew level with the previous year's top model (iPhone 12 Pro Max) , although it is lower in price. Of course, only surpassed by the iPhone 13 Pro, the current number one among Apple phones.


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