iPhone 13: Apple s partners disagree with horror news

iPhone 13: Apple s partners disagree with horror news

As expected, the new iPhone 13 is enjoying high demand - waiting times are the order of the day. It doesn't get any better at first, even if the last horror report turns out to be incorrect.

Update from October 14, 2021: According to the latest news, the previous report about a production cut on the iPhone 13 is not correct. A corresponding denial from Apple's supplier companies is available to the industry magazine DigiTimes (source: MacRumors).

Regardless of whether or not Apple actually initiated an order freeze, the production challenges for Apple's products are more than just real . If you are currently ordering a new iPhone or the Apple Watch 7, you have to wait several weeks for a delivery. The fact is: Apple cannot even begin to meet the high demand at the moment.

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If you want an iPhone 13 (mini) or an iPhone 13 Pro (Max) today, you have to be patient. Long delivery times are the order of the day, sometimes several weeks, sometimes months. Unfortunately, the situation will not improve in the foreseeable future, as a current report suggests.

iPhone 13: Apple has to cut production

Apple is currently forced to cut production of the iPhone 13. In the end, 10 million fewer pieces should be produced than originally planned for this year (source: Bloomberg).

Major Apple suppliers, including Broadcom and Texas Instruments, are currently unable to supply the required quantities of components. Means: Apple is therefore forced to shorten other parts of its production chain. As a result, far fewer cell phones are produced than are required to meet demand. Apple warned of this before.

Which iPhone to take Our video helps, but in the end you may have to take the model that is also available:

Tip: Order quickly

For customers, it is now important to be quick and to place an order sooner rather than later . After all, you don't want to be the last on the waiting list who has to wait longer for your iPhone 13. So it is better to say goodbye to thoughts of spontaneous purchases in the run-up to Christmas.

Even if Apple, unlike other manufacturers, initially seemed less vulnerable, the global shortage of chips is now also taking an ever greater toll on the iPhone manufacturer. But things can get worse: Automotive production, for example, is currently hit hard. Due to the shortage of chips, entire production lines there currently have to be shut down . In case of doubt, many manufacturers even give priority to the production of more expensive vehicles, as the margins are larger here. Small cars, on the other hand, stay empty and customers have to wait many months.

Apple is likely to reveal further details on the problem on October 28th, and then they will be invited to announce the past quarterly results. Either way, the current situation is only expected to ease in mid-2022, and possibly not until the end of 2022.


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