iPhone 13: Apple adds something, but only for certain customers

iPhone 13: Apple adds something, but only for certain customers

If you order an iPhone 13, you will not receive any other accessories in the box apart from a USB-C to Lightning cable. Apple's will - worldwide. Around the world? No! A country in Europe populated by indomitable Gauls does not stop resisting and continues to get a little more settled.

Apple made short work of it last year. If you buy a new iPhone, you will not receive a power adapter or the headphones that have been used up to now. Only a USB-C to Lightning cable can now be found in the packaging. This does not change with the iPhone 13 either, but there is one exception.

iPhone 13 is available in France with free headphones

If you buy an iPhone 13 in France, you will still get the original, wired EarPods (Lightning variant) worth 19 euros free of charge (source: MacRumors). Even with the iPhone 12, Apple was forced to upgrade the scope of delivery of its cell phones accordingly. However, the manufacturer does not do this voluntarily, because according to the law he is obliged to do so.

The background: The French state wants to protect children under the age of 14 from possible electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, the option of an enclosed "hands-free kit" must be retained. The wired EarPods meet this legal standard.

Would you prefer an iPhone 13 mini or the large iPhone 13 Pro Max? A decision aid can be found in the video :

What is well meant for the children is, on the other hand, harmful to the environment. Not only are headphones being put into circulation that may not be used at all, Apple is also producing more packaging waste again. It's a bit bizarre, because Apple is celebrating the particularly space- and resource-saving outer packaging with the iPhone 13, only to then put it in a larger box that also contains the EarPods. In short: In France, the iPhone 13 is now being packed twice , as the original box no longer leaves space for the headphones.

Meager price advantage

By the way, if you are planning to buy an iPhone 13 in France now, you should consider the following point. Probably because of the higher VAT, Apple is charging a little more for the cell phone there - 10 euros to be precise. So on paper you would get a price advantage of 9 euros. If you now consider that the EarPods do not cost much more than 13 euros in stores (see Amazon), then the benefit currently shrinks to around 3 euros.


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