iPad Mini: New complaints about Apple s tablet dwarf

iPad Mini: New complaints about Apple s tablet dwarf

The iPad Mini does not get out of the negative headlines: After the jelly scrolling effect caused displeasure, some owners are now reporting discolorations when pressure is applied to the display. Has Apple saved at the wrong end and installed inferior displays?

For Apple, the matter is clear: The jelly scrolling effect is a normal behavior of LC displays, according to the US group in a recent statement. It remains to be seen whether one shares this view. However, the latest quirk of the sixth generation of the iPad Mini is likely to be anything but normal.

iPad Mini 6 shows discoloration and distortion when printing on the display

Owners of the new iPad Mini report unsightly discoloration and distortion when they exert pressure on the display (source: Reddit). A video documents what this looks like in practice:

The person concerned from the video assures that only a slight pressure was exerted and that the effect occurs particularly clearly when the iPad is in dark mode. Clearly visible: the discoloration and distortion do not appear at the respective pressure points, but slightly above.

The reactions to Reddit are accordingly. Some users report, for example, that they no longer want to buy the new iPad Mini. Others accuse Apple of using poor quality displays.

What makes the iPad Mini so special is shown in the video :

Such effects are known in cheap tablets

Such effects are actually not uncommon - but they usually occur more in inexpensive entry-level tablets . Although the iPad Mini 6 is not a bargain, it is comparatively affordable by Apple standards.

For the RRP of 549 euros, buyers get a modern design, USB-C, support for the Apple Pencil 2 and the powerful A15 processor. In view of this configuration, Apple may have saved a bit on the display in order not to have to set the price of the new iPad Mini too high .

In any case, such discolorations and distortions do not occur on my much more expensive iPad Pro.


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