iPad Air 2022: Apple s dream has burst

iPad Air 2022: Apple s dream has burst

Apple's plans foresaw a model of the iPad Air with an OLED screen in 2022. But nothing will come of it. The joint project by Apple and Samsung has been stopped, there will not be such an iPad for the time being. The change of plan has now also been confirmed by Ming-Chi Kuo, probably the best-known Apple expert.

Update from October 4, 2021: The previous report by "The Elec" seems to be true. Because now , with Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the best-known and most renowned Apple insiders has confirmed the decision . Accordingly, Apple has given up plans to release an updated iPad Air with an OLED screen in the next year due to quality and cost issues - the dream has burst (source: MacRumors). Until further notice, the established LCD technology for the iPad Air will remain.

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A few months ago, industry insiders reported on Apple's plans for the iPad Air. As a result , a model with an OLED screen should appear next year. Samsung was chosen as the manufacturer of the panel - on the one hand a strong competitor of the iPhone manufacturer, on the other hand a reliable component supplier for years.

iPad Air 2022 not with OLED: Samsung can't do it

After a new message, however, the previous plans are thrown overboard - Samsung is out. The joint project was canceled , Apple must and apparently also want to look for a new partner (source: The Elec).

But what are the reasons for the decision? Assumptions exist about technical difficulties as well as unresolved questions of profitability. Either one or both points at the same time should have moved Apple to pull the plug.

OLED or LCD? We clarify once and for all the advantages and disadvantages in the following video:

In fact, the point is that Samsung is not able or simply not willing to implement a so-called two-layer tandem structure for the OLED panel . But Apple wants that in any case. Such a construction offers more advantages over the single-layer structure provided by Samsung. In particular, the brightness is doubled and the service life of the panel can be extended four times.

What's next for Apple now?

Now LG could judge and step in under certain circumstances, the last time there were corresponding reports was in August. Either way, an iPad Air with an OLED screen may not be available until 2023 due to the delays that have now arisen, Apple prefers not to make compromises. Probably there will be an update of the current iPad Air beforehand . After all, the new Apple A15 chip and the new ultra-wide-angle camera for the "Center Stage" have to be installed in the short to medium term in order to catch up with the recently introduced iPad mini 6.


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