iOS 15: A slap in the face for every Android user

iOS 15: A slap in the face for every Android user

Apple recently rolled out the latest version of its operating system for the iPhone, iOS 15. Apple phone owners get a lot of new features. As an Android user, on the other hand, you look jealously at the competition. A comment by Kaan Gürayer.

Just imagine the headlines: "Breaking news: Samsung distributes Android 12 for the Galaxy S6!" In the smartphone world, that would be a not so small sensation, after all, the Galaxy S6 is already six years old and actually belongs to the technology cemetery. But that is exactly what happened recently - with two subtle differences: Samsung was actually called Apple and instead of a Galaxy S6 it was the iPhone 6s.

Inconceivable with Android: iPhone 6s receives six years of software updates

Because the now six-year-old iPhone 6s has also received an update to iOS 15 . In the run-up to the presentation of iOS 15, it was speculated that Apple would be redefining some of its older devices and removing software support, which is why the continued support for the iPhone 6s surprised many. Six years of software updates - Android users can only dream of that.

And to top it all off: iPadOS 15, the version specially developed for tablets for the iPad, also landed on the seven (!!!) year old iPad Air 2. At least this blow isn't quite as strong, because Android- Tablets have been in the shadows for a long time. What luck."

Fancy some tricky head scratching? In the video we show puzzle apps for smartphones:

Longer updates: Android manufacturers have to deliver

Everyone knows that software updates are the Achilles' heel of the Android world. But just because you have got used to a bad condition does not mean that it is okay . It is a shame that new Android smartphones, which now often scratch the 1,000 euro mark or go beyond that, often only receive operating system updates for two years. Although the situation has improved somewhat, Samsung, for example, now guarantees at least three Android updates and the new Pixel 6 also receives three years of OS updates plus two more years of security updates.

But by and large, the software support from the Android camp of the iOS faction is still miles behind . That's a shame, because long software support should also play a role when looking at the price. Then the supposedly "expensive" Apple devices are almost a bargain.

Android manufacturers urgently need to improve their update policy.


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