Intel makes fun of Apple fans and gets applause for it

Intel makes fun of Apple fans and gets applause for it

Comparative advertising isn't new to Intel. But now it's getting "dirty", because the chip manufacturer grabs some Apple fans and is clearly fooling them. In the end, however, they even react positively and are anything but offended. How can this be?

Since Intel caught a basket from Apple and was thrown in front of the door, the "ex" left no stone unturned to bring as many "children" as possible into the PC warehouse in the "custody battle". For the chip manufacturer, comparative advertising seems to be the right means - sometimes more, sometimes less appropriate.

Intel is deceiving Apple fans in an experiment

The latest prank can also be assigned to this category, but it arises more from the spirit of the "hidden camera". According to Intel, 12 real Apple fans were invited for a very special marketing experiment. Everyone found themselves in a room, not unlike an Apple Store, and were confronted with all sorts of suggestive questions. All under the pretext that they could take a look at "upcoming devices" , as Intel's Ryan Shrout announced on Twitter. Ignoring, of course, that Intel and not Apple is behind all of this.

In this new video, Intel is currently making fun of a dozen Apple fans and is receiving applause for it:

For example, the aspirants were confronted with the following questions:

Would you like to customize your computer? What's wrong with your laptop? What if your laptop could be turned into a tablet?

Of course, the participants were very interested and expressed their wish for a touchscreen, for example. In the end, there was the big resolution: All of the features mentioned are already available in today's PCs, according to the interviewer. A door to the adjoining room opened, in which there were umpteen such PCs, notebooks and convertibles to "play around" with.

Surprisingly positive reactions

The Apple fans were not offended by this prank, but rather enthusiastically they gave a kind of applause . Intel's ulterior motive worked: For the first time, prejudiced Apple fans were looking outside the box and were positively surprised by the choices in the PC world.

But how authentic are the scenes shown? Ryan Shrout from Intel has an illuminating answer to this, too. This is how the "Chief Performance Strategist" writes:

"And since I have been asked for clarity by some people: YES, these are all REAL reactions from the participants, not scripted ones . It's amazing how many people who use technology still don't know what the PC can do. It is our job to change that! "

However, the question that remains unanswered is whether the participants in the experiment will actually switch to the Intel PC at some point, as the commercial would like to suggest. After all, the chip manufacturer was actually able to resolve some prejudices and thus break the spell of Apple fans.


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