Huawei fans take note: this Honor smartphone is for you

Huawei fans take note: this Honor smartphone is for you

Huawei smartphones no longer play a role in Germany. If you still don't want to buy a smartphone from Samsung or Xiaomi, you can soon grab the Honor 50. This is very similar to the Huawei Nova 9. Now the German price has appeared, which sounds good, but is not quite as good as was initially expected.

Honor 50 is said to cost 499 euros in Germany

Now that we know that the Honor 50 is equipped with Google apps and services, the smartphone suddenly becomes very interesting for Huawei fans. The Honor 50 is similar to the Huawei Nova 9, which was recently introduced in China. Since the purchase of the Huawei cell phone is not worthwhile without Google services, the Honor 50 will be the perfect alternative. It will cost 499 euros in Germany if you want to believe the information from WinFuture.

The Honor 50 has already been unveiled in China, so we know what the technical features of the smartphone will look like. There is a rounded 120 Hz OLED display with 6.57 inches and an FHD + resolution. Plus the Snapdragon 778G from Qualcomm, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The main camera has a resolution of 108 MP and should provide decent photos. The 4,300 mAh battery is relatively large and can be quickly recharged with 66 watts via cable.

The price of 499 euros does not seem really low compared to smartphones from Samsung such as the Galaxy A52s 5G and Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, but the Honor mobile phone will also be more for people who do not want a device from Samsung or Xiaomi. As a former subsidiary of Huawei, Honor wants to follow in the company's footsteps and pick up buyers.

In the video we show you a very special Honor smartphone:

Honor 50: presentation in a few weeks

Honor has already confirmed that the new smartphone will be presented in Europe on October 26th . Then at the latest it will become clear whether the information on the price is correct. In any case, we are curious to see whether Honor can make its breakthrough in Europe as well as it does in China.


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