Huawei disappoints with questionable decision on HarmonyOS

Huawei disappoints with questionable decision on HarmonyOS

Huawei has presented new products for Europe: two smartphones and a smartwatch. The hoped-for breakthrough for Europe and the launch of HarmonyOS on our smartphones was unfortunately not. This dispels the hopes that Huawei really wants to break away from Android.

HarmonyOS on smartphones is not bringing Huawei to Europe

With the Nova 9 and Nova 8i, Huawei has unveiled two new Android smartphones. Correct, with Google's Android operating system. Although HarmonyOS runs on over 120 million devices in China and is such a huge success there, Huawei has decided to stick with Android in Europe. With EMUI 12, a somewhat newer interface runs on the smartphones. Anyone who buys the latest smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer gets Android 11 , even though the manufacturer's data sheet said Android 10. Updates are likely to be very limited.

And anyone who hopes that the new Huawei phones may run Google apps and services will be disappointed. Of course this is not the case. If anything, you have to make do with APKs and somehow indirectly install Android apps that you get from dubious sources. It could have been so beautiful. If Huawei finally brought HarmonyOS to smartphones in Europe, there could be a lot more interest in the devices. So you can really only ignore them. Only those who absolutely do not use Google services could access here .

Better to wait for Honor and get Google apps

Now we have known for a long time that Honor will present new smartphones in a few days that are exact copies of the Huawei Nova 9 and Nova 8i. There are of course new names and a slightly different design with Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite, but technically the phones are the same. Honor will not only sell the devices for less , but will also install Google services. And this is where former Huawei fans actually get happy.


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