How to mute notifications except calls?

I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro and I don't want to mute my calls on silent mode. But notifications can remain silent because it is too many and too noisy if turned on. How can I mute all notifications except my calls?


  1. This is the most common problem in redmi phones. Few days ago I was facing same problem. I tried every solution on the internet, which includes:

    Cleaning headphone jack using earbud
    Blowing air into the jack (I used air blower)
    Plug in- plug out multiple times
    Changing headphone type both externally and in MIUI, even clearing cache memory (which was pretty useless but I was helpless so I tried).
    Removing headphone while mic button is pressed
    Nothing worked for me. Then I started searching on google playstore and found many apps which can control your audio scheme for different purpose. One of the app I am using is “Audio Router” by ManInBlue.

    Just set your audio preference for example for a phone call set the preference earpiece.
    In hardware menu keep earpiece on
    In audio policy menu set system enfore in audio policy for calls
    Now still I can see my phone is on headphone mode (headphone logo is still there) but still I can use earpiece for calls, loudspeaker for music and whatever I want.


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