How fast is the Google Pixel 6 Pro really? Comparison with iPhone 13 Pro Max shows it

How fast is the Google Pixel 6 Pro really? Comparison with iPhone 13 Pro Max shows it

Google has developed and installed its own processor for the first time in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with the tensor chip. Now the company has to show whether it can keep up with Apple's A15 Bionic. The result of this comparison couldn't be more exciting.

Google Pixel 6 Pro faces the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple has many years of experience in the development of the A-Chips and regularly ensures that Android manufacturers can pack their things in comparisons. This year the story is different. With Tensor, Google has developed its own processor that finally enables what the company wants to do with it, namely promoting artificial intelligence. Google has also completely succeeded, as I found in the test of the Pixel 6 Pro.

I also mentioned that the Pixel 6 Pro runs absolutely smoothly, everything loads quickly and you really get an incredibly powerful smartphone here. But how does the mobile phone compare to the industry leader iPhone 13 Pro Max ? This is exactly what the following video tells us:

In the small speed test between the Google Pixel 6 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, various apps and games are started one after the other and certain actions are carried out. The Pixel 6 Pro starts out very well and takes the lead for a long time. Apps launch quickly and large documents load with almost no delay. But then a video is rendered and the Pixel 6 Pro loses everything there.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is simply incomparably fast when it comes to rendering. The iPhone copes with this task within a very short time, while the Pixel 6 Pro takes much longer here. Even if the Pixel 6 Pro catches up again, as all open apps and games are kept active in the background and do not have to be reloaded, it is no longer enough to win.

The best features of the Google Pixel 6 Pro presented in the video :

Google Pixel 6 Pro is really fast

In this particular comparison, the Google Pixel 6 Pro was just beaten by the iPhone 13 Pro Max for one task . Otherwise, the Pixel 6 Pro was always a touch faster. And you can also tell that Google has made a giant leap in animation. The new Pixel phone is the smoothest Android device on the market. It can absolutely keep up with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Since development does not stand still, there could be another step forward next year with the Tensor-2-Chip.


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