Horror for Honor: Huawei s fate is looming

Horror for Honor: Huawei s fate is looming

Isn't history repeating itself? After ex-parent company Huawei was brought to its knees by US sanctions, Honor now faces the same fate. The cell phone manufacturer is described as a "national security threat".

It has been around a year since Huawei had to sell its subsidiary brand Honor. After the USA put Huawei on the "black list" and made life difficult with sanctions, a sale had become necessary for financial reasons. Shortly before Honor could really take off as an independent company, the group now faces the same fate (source: South China Morning Post).

US Senators Are Demanding Sanctions For Honor

A number of Republican senators, led by influential Florida Senator Marco Rubio, have called on the current US administration to sanction Honor and blacklist it as well . In the letter, Honor is referred to as a "national security threat" and an extended arm of the Chinese government.

By selling Honor, the rulers in Beijing have evaded an "important American export control," said Rubio. The letter was also signed by US Senators John Cornyn and Rick Scott.

Honor is stepping on the gas again with new smartphones - the Magic 3+ can be seen in the video :

Noticeable similarities between Honor and Huawei smartphones

Neither Honor nor the US Department of Commerce or the Chinese Embassy in Washington wanted to comment on the letter . Only Huawei referred to an earlier statement according to SCMP, according to which the group no longer holds shares in Honor and is not otherwise involved in the management of the company.

Whether that's enough to convince the Republican senators is at least questionable - especially since the similarities between current Honor and Huawei smartphones are striking. For the time being, Honor should also remain in the sights of US politics .


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