Honor takes over another Huawei cell phone and activates Google apps

Honor takes over another Huawei cell phone and activates Google apps

Is Honor now an independent company or do you just take over Huawei smartphones and bypass the US ban? You can ask yourself this question when you look at the Honor 50 Lite, which is due to be presented for Germany in a few days. There are already abnormalities with the Honor 50.

Honor 50 Lite is actually a Huawei Nova 8i

Huawei had to sell Honor in order to make the former subsidiary independent and to be able to circumvent US sanctions. It is now known that the upcoming Honor 50 will be equipped with Google services. Honor should be a huge success with this. But when we presented the Honor 50 in China, we saw that it was actually the Huawei Nova 9. WinFuture has now learned that the Honor 50 Lite is actually a Huawei Nova 8i - only with Google services .

The Honor and Huawei smartphones have already been unveiled in China. That is why you can easily compare the technical properties and the design. On October 26th, Honor will present the 50 and 50 Lite in Europe. Huawei will also bring the Nova 9 and Nova 8i to us. The biggest difference will then be that you get the Google services with Honor and not with Huawei.

Apart from minor differences in the design, the phones should otherwise be absolutely identical. Interestingly, the Huawei Nova 8i is already listed on MediaMarkt in Germany (take a look at MediaMarkt) and runs there with Android instead of HarmonyOS . The only explanation for this is currently that Honor and Huawei started development a long time ago and maybe nothing could be changed in the short term. If that happens again in the future, it could become a problem.

In the video you can see the Honor Magic 3 Pro +, which is to be sold for 1,499 euros:

Honor is in the sights of the US authorities

If the US government gets the impression that Honor continues to sell Huawei smartphones under other labels with Google services and apps, despite sales, the tide could turn quickly. The company is already on the US closing list.


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