Honor s new smartphone shines with a particular strength - xiaomist Headlines

Honor s new smartphone shines with a particular strength - xiaomist Headlines

A return of an old friend: The former Huawei subsidiary Honor has presented a new smartphone that looks somehow familiar. You can find out what it can do and what else has happened this week in this issue of xiaomist Headlines.

Honor: New smartphone with Google Play Store

It's been a while since we got the chance to hold a Huawei smartphone with Google Play Store in our hands. An up-to-date Huawei device with Google Play Store is approaching us almost through the back door.
Not directly from Huawei, mind you, but the former subsidiary Honor presented the Honor 50 this week, which is probably only very coincidentally reminiscent of the Huawei Nova 9, which was presented a week ago.
A big feature in addition to the quad camera with 108 MP sensor on the back is that Honor is now allowed to install the Google Play Store again after separating from Huawei, making the device much more exciting again in this country.

We already had the Honor 50 in our hands, and you can get a solid device with a 120 Hz display and a sparkling design from 529 euros.

Razer RGB respirator now public

Razer introduced Zephyr, the RGB respirator, last week. The filters have the N95 standard, which is comparable to FFP2. Special features: The front is transparent so that you can see the facial expressions of the wearer, two active fans provide fresh air.
And of course typical for Razer: RGB lighting.

But two other things are much more important: On the one hand it is already sold out, on the other hand it meets the mask regulation standards in the USA and UK. So far, however, Razer has not commented on Germany.

Leaked benchmarks: Intel "Alder Lake" flattens competition

We have long reported that Intel could not land any more great successes. With the next CPU generation "Alder Lake" everything could be different.

The reason for this is the new CPU design: Alder Lake has a big.LITTLE architecture for the first time for Intel, with fast performance cores for high-performance tasks and efficiency cores for background tasks.

The first leaked benchmarks show that Intel's new i9-12900 HK laptop processor is ahead of the Ryzen 5980HX and even Apple's M1 Max in terms of performance.

What we don't know yet, however, is how high the power consumption of the new chip will be. And somehow we suspect that by then at the latest Apple will have the upper hand again.

Sony: New Xperia with a large camera sensor and a higher price

The Xperia Pro-I is basically based on the Xperia 1 III, but has a new camera system: the highlight is the 1-inch sensor, which is already known from Sony's compact camera "RX100 VII".
How good is the camera really? The first tests paint a rather mixed picture. The Pro-I appears in December for 1,799 euros.

Xbox Cloud Gaming: Now on Xbox One too

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now entering the next round. It's now also available to Insider Program participants on Xbox One.
That means: Anyone who has a stable internet connection but cannot get hold of the next-gen hardware can play the next-gen titles on their old generation via the cloud.


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