Honor replaces Huawei and creates the impossible smartphone

Honor replaces Huawei and creates the impossible smartphone

The former subsidiary Honor now wants to implement everything that Huawei has not managed to achieve through the sanctions. This also includes the "impossible" smartphone, which Samsung and LG have already had a hard time with.

Honor is developing a retractable smartphone

Foldable smartphones have now arrived in our everyday lives and are no longer a major feature. After three generations, Samsung has now got the hang of it and with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 is even more successful than expected. The next big thing is retractable smartphones. These are devices that look like a normal smartphone, also in terms of size and thickness, but where the display can be enlarged by a pull-out mechanism .

Samsung wants to try it, LG built it but never launched it and now it's Honor's turn. Honor's patent, which has now emerged, basically describes the same idea for a roll-out smartphone that Huawei had some time ago:

The whole design of the smartphone is actually reminiscent of the foldable smartphone Mate X from Huawei. The only difference is that in this case the display cannot be folded out forwards from the rear, but simply pulls out to the side. The idea can of course still come from the time when Honor belonged to Huawei. The other question is whether the final product will look like this. What is clear, however, is that Honor wants to make a really big entry into the smartphone market .

In the video you can see Samsung's ideas for future smartphones:

Honor 50 is coming soon

While we currently do not know exactly when Honor will present a roll-out smartphone and bring it to market, the Honor 50, which will be located in the upper middle class, is due to be presented at the end of October. This should actually be equipped with Google services . Honor is not completely off the hook yet. The US government is currently also examining a ban.


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