Honor 50 (Lite) presented with Google apps: perfect for Huawei fans

Honor 50 (Lite) presented with Google apps: perfect for Huawei fans

With the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite, two new Android smartphones are coming onto the market that actually have a Google license again and are accordingly equipped with the apps and services. However, the price is higher than initially speculated.

Honor 50 and 50 Lite: Huawei smartphones with Google apps

Now it happened. Honor has unveiled its two new Android smartphones Honor 50 and 50 Lite. And just as expected, these are modifications of the Huawei Nova 9 and Nova 8i. The technical data are almost identical. Honor can, for example, install the Snapdragon 778G with a 5G modem , while Huawei can only access a 4G modem due to the US ban. In addition, Honor has installed a 108 MP main camera, while Huawei uses a 50 MP sensor.

These small differences between Huawei and Honor smartphones already existed when Honor was still part of Huawei in order to be able to differ slightly. With the 6.57 inch display , 2,340 x 1,080 pixels and 120 Hz, battery with 4,300 mAh and quick charge function with 66 watts or even the dimensions, you are the same. Industry colleague Roland Quandt even compared both smartphones at the event and came to the same conclusion:

What sounds negative at first is not at all. Because if you think it's a shame that there are no longer any Huawei phones with Google services, you can now grab the Honor 50. Alternatively, there is a slightly cheaper version, the Honor 50 Lite, which is equipped with a Snapdragon 662, but only supports 4G. There is also a 64 MP camera. Both smartphones run on Android 11 and the Magic UI 4.2 .

Honor 50 is a little more expensive than expected

It was actually expected that the Honor 50 would be a bit cheaper than the Huawei Nova 9. Honor has always been the cheaper brand from Huawei. That changes with the Honor 50. While the Huawei Nova 9 costs 499 euros without Google services, you have to pay at least 529.90 euros for the Honor 50 . You get 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage (check it out at Honor). 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage are available for 599.90 euros.

The slightly higher price is basically justified, after all, a 5G modem is built into the Honor 50. Nevertheless, there were previously 450 euros in the room, so that is now a bit of a disappointment. The Honor 50 Lite costs significantly less at 299.90 euros and wants to compete as an alternative to Samsung's Galaxy A52. So far, this model has not yet been listed on Honor, although it should also go on sale today. For the Honor 50 there is a promotion for pre-orderers, the price is reduced by 30 euros and headphones are included free of charge.


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